The dispensary budtender helped me pick out something nice

The budtender suggested a marijuana vape pen because it would be discreet & odorless

My wifey & I were having our first day date & both of us planned to go to a park in ThoUSnd oaks, California where the 2 of us live, and thoUSnd Oaks is not far away from Los angeles. There is still a lot going on in the city where I live, however if I absolutely want a lot of people & activity, I can drive to the coast, despite the fact that I absolutely care about to stay here in ThoUSnd oaks. I grew up in Ventura county. I did not always live in ThoUSnd oaks, despite the fact that I moved here with our Dad about 5 years ago. I turned 21 a couple of years ago & that has when I started using recreational marijuana products. There are lots of weird recreational marijuana dispensaries in the ThoUSnd Oaks area. I went to 1 of these places when our wifey & I had our day date. I asked the budtender to help myself and others option out something nice that both of us could smoke together at the park while both of us were walking around. The budtender suggested a marijuana vape pen because it would be discreet & odorless. I had something else in mind. I saw a big selection of pre-rolls in the window of the ThoUSnd Oaks marijuana dispensary. I picked out 2 infused & flavored pre-rolls that were guaranteed to hit a new home run with our wifey, and one of the infused & flavored pre-rolls was cookies & cream & the other 1 was grape ape, but both of the marijuana pre rolls were made with premium distillate oil, top shelf flower, & natural plant terpenes.


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