Portable heaters are great for keeping outdoor spaces comfortable

One of my favorite things about living here in Cocoa Florida is that we have so many bars and restaurants on or near the beach.

  • Of course, these places are usually packed with locals as well as tourists who are searching for a good time.

I especially enjoy these venues because they have live music, which is usually a local band or cover bands from all around the country. The beauty about these bars and restaurants is that they can be enjoyed year round. After all, the weather in Cocoa Florida is nice throughout the year. Even in the Winter months the temperature is usually pleasant even near the beach. And when we do experience colder weather, the bars and restaurants usually have space heaters available. Those commercial patio heaters are very good in keeping those outdoor spaces comfy. Some are standing in different places around the bar while others are mounted to the walls. There are three types of portable tower heaters, and they are gas, electric, and propane. Most bars in this area use the electric ones to heat up the spaces. But I have seen the propane portable heaters every now and then. They usually produce way more heat than the electric heaters, but because the temperatures are fairly mild here, the electric heater provides enough heat to keep these outside spaces comfortable. I am just glad that I can go to these oceanfront bars all year round. Not only do they have great entertainment, but they are also comfortable even when the weather is a bit chilly outside.

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