The grand tour of Lowell ended at the dispensary

This year the annual convention for our niche industry of high-end toilet seats was being held in Grand Rapids.

I know it sounds silly, but it’s true, the biggest toilet seat company in the country is in Michigan, so usually the convention is hosted there. It is a lot more popular than you would think, and several hundred people attend every year. As a plumber I really wasn’t interested in spending a whole weekend learning about toilet seats, but I still decided to go. Nearby is the city of Lowell, Michigan, where my old running buddy Mike lives, so I thought it would be a great way to visit him and also be able to write the trip off on my taxes. Mike was thrilled to have me visit, and gave me an enthusiastic tour of the town of Lowell. This tour took about forty five minutes or so, because Lowell only covers about three square miles. The tour ended at the front doors of the Lowell cannabis dispensary, which was the highlight of the tour for me. Mike is on a first-name basis with all the employees of the Lowell cannabis dispensary, because he smokes that much weed! Mike told me that the real tour of Lowell was about to begin, and bought a sampler back of several different local cannabis strains. For as small as the town of Lowell is, there are a lot of talented and skilled cannabis farmers in the area! For a small town like Lowell, I was shocked at the high quality of their locally grown cannabis.


Weed Dispensary Lowell MI