The marijuana shop has great prices on everything I like

My friends and I are very happy now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in the state of Illinois.

My friends and I voted during the election.

We wanted to see recreational marijuana legalized. It took two tries before the state actually passed the law, but as of the Year 2020, marijuana is legal for all Illinois residents to consume. Residents of the state can purchase, consume, and transport up to 30 grams of marijuana at once. Residents of the state of Illinois can also carry up to 5 grams of marijuana oil or concentrate. People from other states like Indiana and Michigan can also purchase marijuana in the state of Illinois, but the limits are lower. There is a marijuana shop on the other side of the county and the place has the best prices on marijuana in the entire state. I’ve been down south and I have been to the northern part of Illinois as well. Right here in south Cook county, you can absolutely find the lowest prices on marijuana. The marijuana shops have everything that I love too. They carry edibles like hard candies, gummies, and chocolates. They carry dried marijuana flower, tinctures, edibles, shatter, wax, and live resin products. The dispensary has something for everyone and the best prices in the whole state of illinois. Last week, I found a deal on top shelf flower. Each one of the containers or eighths of marijuana were only $15. The strains had 31% THC or higher. For 15 bucks, the marijuana deal was a complete and total steal.



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