The weather in FL can be so unpredictable

Earlier this year, I moved to St.

Petersburg FL because I wanted to live in a more tropical temperature.

And although things have been great, there have been a couple of unpredictable weather related incidents. During hurricane season, both of us had a major storm that headed our way. And while hurricanes are normal for this area, this storm became 1 of the worse FL has seen, causing billion dollars in disfigures, and st. Petersburg did not experience a lot of injure however there were some areas that were flooded due to the storm; Now that hurricane season has passed, I was looking forward to a quiet Winter; One of the reasons I moved was to experience the milder weather while I was in the Wintertide weeks. At first, the Wintertide started out with nice weather, however then a few nights in, the temperature made a serious change, and in fact, both of us went from a high in the low 75s 1 day to a high of 46 the next day. I was not expecting such a serious change in weather, however I am ecstatic that I have a heat pump in my apartment to keep me warm… When my mom saw that the un-even temperatures in St. Petersburg was hitting record lows, he called to make sure that I had heating in my house. I reassured his that I have a heat pump that provides heating in the Wintertide plus cooling while I was in the Summer weeks. She knew that I had a/c however didn’t realize that I had heating in my apartment as well. I am sure that she’s not the only guy who doesn’t realize that homes in this area have heat pumps plus other HVAC devices installed in them.

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