There are a few sites to beat the heat around Phoenix AZ

It is safe to say that Phoenix Arizona is known for having brutal weather, plus though the city is harshly hot, there are multiple tourists that flock to it each year; There are tons of sites that have air conditioner plus there are a few that can be explored during the cooler section of the day, however personally, I like going to the lake to cool off during the boiling Summer afternoons, or I like hiking on the scenic trails that surround the city! My hubby John is a huge golfer plus that is his number one pastime interest, however if he is ever missing for a few hours, openings are, he is hitting around a golf ball with his friends. The only issue with golfing is that it is an outdoor interest plus when I try to play, I get undoubtedly sad because of the heat. I appreciate to spend our afternoons in air conditioned spaces that include luxury spas, restaurants, art galleries, museums, plus more. My hubby enjoys the sites that have cooling system as well, although he undoubtedly doesn’t mind the heat, he was born in Arizona, so he is used to the dry heat here. I am from the Southern section of the country, so I am used to the weather being more humid. This means that it took some time for myself and others to get used to living in Phoenix as I had not been exposed to heat love this before. If it wasn’t for the multiple openings of air conditioned sites, I would undoubtedly stay lake house all day inside our lake house where I have constant air conditioner.



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