Waiting out the hurricane in California

I had to travel to California for a work trip. It was easiest to fly into San Francisco, rent a car and do my business trip that way. I planned to only spend two days in the area. Unfortunately my location was dealing with a severe hurricane warning. It seemed dumb to chance flying home and possibly being delayed. There was nothing I could do for my house from afar too. So I waited for the hurricane out in California. I ended up staying five total nights. Two nights were for work and the remaining three I was in San Francisco just enjoying the sights. I saw the golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, the chocolate square and did tons of shopping. What was really neat is that I realized that California allows for recreational cannabis. I have always wanted to try legal weed. In high school I said no to drugs, in college I had one pot brownie and as an adult I was too lazy to get a medical marijuana card. Being in California meant I could just walk in a store and buy what I wanted. I had days to enjoy it too. I ended up choosing some THC infused gummies. It was really fun being a bit high at night. It also helped me sleep quite a bit. I contemplated taking them home with me. They were so great. The last thing I wanted to do was get flagged at the airport for carrying cannabis though. That would have been bad. So I only got a few days of fun.

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