I wanted more stuff on MI recreational marijuana

Muskegon, MI follows the same laws as most of Michigan, and they have areas within the town limits where you can and cannot smoke marijuana.

They have their rules on how much marijuana you can have on your person, and how much you can grow, and i was most interested in getting information on Muskegon’s recreational marijuana laws.

I wanted to believe if I could grow marijuana and how much I could grow. I was told to look up the Michigan laws if I wanted to know. I learn where I could grow up to twelve plants, but i couldn’t sell it unless I had a seller’s license. I was hoping to grow only as much as I could consume, and I didn’t idea on selling any of the marijuana. I wanted it only for our use, and for those who I partied with. Then I had a thought about whether I could party with marijuana I grew? Did the laws of Michigan and Muskegon only talk about the person who paid the rent or mortgage of the property, or did it include everyone who was staying in the house? Could I have friends over for a weekend, and since it was recreational and not medical marijuana, the people I was with and I could party inside separate from worrying? I had so various questions and was unsure of whom to talk to. I had to divulge that I was afraid I would be arrested if I went to the wrong person… My brother had myself and others asking all the questions, because he was more afraid of getting in trouble than I was.

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