The marriage is over, but Las Vegas is still on

James plus I planned on going to Las Vegas to get married.

There were a few odd reasons for this, the largest of which being that gay birthdays are perfectly legal there.

I am upset to report that where I live now gay marriage is still against the law. I would move to a nicer state if I could afford to do so, but I can’t. Instead, James plus I were going to fly into Sin City, get hitched, plus then spend our honeymoon gatheringing plus gambling love madmen, at the last hour James canceled, plus then dumped me, due to pressure from his parents who still have not accepted his lifestyle. I decided “to hell with James” plus went to Las Vegas by myself! Las Vegas is called Sin City for a reason, plus I wanted to soothe my broken heart with gambling, concerts, food, booze, plus most of all cannabis, and did you believe that cannabis is perfectly legal in Las Vegas? So is gay marriage, but since that was off the table I decided to focus more on smoking cannabis plus hooking up with random dudes, and even though I had never gambled before, the Las Vegas casinos make it a lot of fun even for a rookie, then somehow I won fifty bucks on my first visit to a real Las Vegas casino, so I cashed out plus took my winnings to the nearest cannabis dispensary. Later that evening, with a head full of cannabis smoke, I went to another famous Las Vegas casino, but this time I lost several hundred bucks!

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