Bike trip through California

My husband as well as I go on a once a year bike trip, our goal is to hit all 50 states, but the people I was with and I drive around, find the welcome sign as well as take a picture of it, then certain states every one of us just sort of pass through since there is nothing to do.

There was 1 state that was just wall to wall corn fields, then another state boasted the greatest ball of twine as well as that was it.

Occasionally every one of us hit an area that is just gorgeous, then my husband as well as I loved California. The people I was with and I toured all over that state, and i wanted to see the coast as well as the beaches. I found hiking trails to hit as well as lots of shops to visit. My husband loved that California provided legal cannabis. The two of us really landed in Beverly Hills. Typically every one of us go cheap on our trip. The people I was with and I stay at low end motels as well as get in as well as out… However, since I loved Cali so much every one of us sprung for a fine room. The people I was with and I also stayed a few days to shop as well as partake in legal weed. My husband loved vaping cannabis oil as well as I loved the tincture to help me sleep at night. My husband pitched the oil as he crossed state lines. I will disclose that I was super naughty. The tincture was such a fine sleep aid that I hid it in my toiletries bag. I made it look love a makeup product, then now I have cannabis to help me sleep at night even though my state is medical marijuana only. It pays to be stealthy. My husband is distraught he got rid of his oil. He misses smoking cannabis on the off times.


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