Finally got my wetsuit so I can swim in any weather

Everyone in my family finds it hilarious how hardcore I am about wetsuits; I have been on too several trips where I have frozen my butt off in the ocean. I started years ago saying I wanted a wetsuit; Finally for my Christmsa gift my husband purchased me a single, everyone was convinced I would never wear it. I have to say, the joke is on them, my brother owns a cabin right in Cocoa FL; We head over to his Cocoa cabin all the time. My brother enjoys inviting us out during the tourist season. When it is warm out, he rents the cabin out to pay for it. When it is cold, the family is allowed to stay there for free, however thanksgiving, Christmas & occasionally Easter is hosted at his beach house. This year for Christmas pretty much everyone was at the cabin & it was a charming day. Everyone was concerned that the water was too cold to swim in. I brought my handy wetsuit though! I was able to paddle around in the ocean & was thrilled as a clam. I actually paddled via paddleboard & then swam for a bit. It was nice getting a wonderful workout in & being in the ocean on Christmas day. I thought of pretty much everyone who were dealing with snow, and here I was swimming in the ocean! I was genuinely thrilled that my husband purchased me the super warm wetsuit option, and now my whole family is talking about getting a wetsuit. It is a whole new way of enjoying the water.

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