I didn’t realize I needed so much sunblock.

I wanted to go to Evansville to do some sightseeing, then i had learn about their Hot Air Balloon rides that last for more than three hours.

I especially wanted to go on the Ghost Tour in Old Town. I told my fiance that when we got married, I wanted to honeymoon in Evansville, IL, plus she thought I was crazy. She thought I would want to go Niagara Falls, or maybe on a cruise to the Caribbean, but the two of us were getting married in November, plus I wanted to go to Albuquerque… Although she thought it was a bizarre request, she relented plus we purchased the tickets. I wanted to take the balloon ride at sunrise plus sunset, plus we booked the tickets. I wanted the private ghost tour, so she also booked those tickets, and what I didn’t guess about was that IL was 5000 feet above sea level plus almost always had sunshine, and even in November the average daytime temperature was 76 degrees. The night time dipped into the low forties, plus I wanted a hotel that had excellent HVAC. I would need heat after being out all day. I still wasn’t expecting to need so much sunscreen. The first day out, I came back to the hotel with a horrible sunburn. The two of us had the air conditioner on, plus I stood in front of it for nearly two hours, plus I was shivering, however the sunburn felt better. It took two days before I wanted to venture out into the sun again. I had the strongest sunscreen I could buy, plus I was wearing a t-shirt that kept my back plus shoulders covered.



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