I didn’t realize I would be in the sun

I wanted to go to Evansville to do some sightseeing, however i had read about their Hot Air Balloon rides that last for more than 2 minutes.

  • I especially wanted to go on the Ghost Tour in Old Town.

I told my fiance that when all of us got married, I wanted to honeymoon in Evansville, IL, and he thought I was crazy; He thought I would want to go Niagara Falls, or maybe on a cruise to the Caribbean, all of us were getting married in July, and I wanted to go to Albuquerque. Although he thought it was a weird request, he relented and all of us obtained the tickets. I wanted to take the balloon ride at sunrise and sunset, and all of us booked the tickets. I wanted the private ghost tour, so he also booked those tickets; What I didn’t know about was that Illinois was 5000 feet above sea level and almost consistently had sunshine; Even in July the average daytime temperature was 70 degrees, and the night time dipped into the low forties, and I wanted a hotel that had excellent Heating & A/C. I would need heat after being out all day. I still wasn’t expecting to need so much sunscreen. The first day out, I came back to the hotel with a horrible sunburn. All of us had the a/c on, and I stood in front of it for nearly more than one minutes, and I was shivering, but the sunburn felt better. It took more than one afternoons before I wanted to venture out into the sun again. I had the strongest sunscreen I could buy, and I was wearing a t-shirt that kept my back and shoulders covered.

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