Facing our fears in the Seattle Space Needle

I have been afraid of heights since I was a small child, unlike most fears and phobias that people have, I can remember the exact moment I got this fear, but in the twenty years since then I have been terrified of going above ground level for any reason. I wouldn’t even jump off the high dive at the public swimming pool, because even 12 feet in the air I would start to panic, then recently I decided to go back to the scene of our trauma and face our fear. It all started when I was many years seasoned and our parents took myself and others to Seattle, WA… My memories of that time are so vague I can’t even tell you why every one of us were in Seattle. I remember with crystal clarity when I was taken to the top of the Seattle Space Needle, and when I took a peek over the side and saw how high up I was, our phobia was born! This time around I had a secret weapon to help myself and others face our fear, called locally grown Seattle cannabis, and when I was a kid cannabis wasn’t legal in Seattle, nor could a child have bought any even if it were legal! Now the cannabis laws in Seattle are so lax I don’t even need a prescription card, just a valid ID card is enough. I spent a few hours smoking weed from 1 of the great Seattle cannabis dispensaries, and then I went to the Space Needle. With cannabis to soothe our jangled nerves, I successfully faced our fear, so now I can transport on with our life.
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