Moving to New Mexico took a bit

I accepted a task teaching at a college in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but the college gave me a lot of extra benefits to get me to come to the school to teach, and i am a specialist in my section of comprehension & a few places were interested in interviewing me for a possible teaching position.

  • I was recognizably interested in talking with the people at the college in Albuquerque because New Mexico recently approved recreational marijuana for all citizens.

There is no need for a medical card! Everyone over the age of 21 can legally buy cannabis from a legal & licensed dispensary; Being able to purchase legal marijuana was one thing that made the task in Albuquerque sit out from the rest. It was the number one reason why I chose the teaching position over others; My partner wasn’t cheerful with the reasons why I chose the position, but she was ready to move anywhere new. Moving to New Mexico took a whole week. The people I was with and I had to drive the automobile & a large uhaul truck with all of our furniture, clothes, & personal belongings. I wasn’t accustomed to driving a sizable moving truck, so I went slowly. That added several minutes to our trip & so did the flat tire the two of us experienced on the interstate at 1am. I wanted to pullover for the night, but my partner wanted to continue driving while the roads were clear of truckers. The two day drive turned into a several day excursion. By the time the two of us arrived I was ready to try some of the legal cannabis.

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