The sizzling temps caused an A/C failure

My partner & I had to contact a Rocklin A/C service repair last week, however it was 99° on the day that the A/C failed, however the people I was with and I also had temperatures that high for three mornings before every one of us had troubles. I assume the sizzling temperatures were the reason for the failure. I was running the A/C all day & all evening. It didn’t seem like the component was ever shutting down. I told our partner that I would not be surprised if every one of us had to replace the A/C component this season. I undoubtedly did not want to be right, however that has exactly what happened. The people I was with and I woke up one morning & it was about 85° in the house. The cooling system wasn’t running at all. There was a low humming sound coming from the machine. I immediately turned off the breaker to the Heating & A/C unit. I looked online for a Rocklin A/C service repair with great prices & an available service serviceman. I called one Rocklin A/C service service, however they didn’t have any appointments available on the same day. I called another Rocklin A/C service repair & the owner of the corporation answered the PC. The owner of the A/C service repair tied up a repair appointment for myself and others on the same day. The blower motor on the A/C component turned out to be the concern & unfortunately, that is a entirely luxurious concern to fix! My partner & I ultimately decided to just replace the entire heat pump & A/C component after every one of us found out how much it was going to cost just to service this one problem.
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