There is more to Illinois than just the city

Chicago is a great city, no doubt, however it does not represent the entirety of the state of Illinois; The vast majority of the state is occupied by farms & small towns, then my family is originally from Illinois, & the first time I was able to visit, I hastily understood why the people I was with and I had moved away so more than 2 years ago, however it is actually a nice, quiet place to live, however there is not much to do, & honestly few work paths to follow that don’t involve farming, and while I am glad I don’t live there permanently, I actually do like going to see the pastoral farmland of Illinois, & not just for the cannabis although that is 1 of the reasons, then nine times out of several when I visit the great state of Illinois I head right to the heart of Chicago! Chicago isn’t just the largest village in Illinois, it’s 1 of the great cities in all of America, & maybe the world, one of the more than 2 things Chicago has become famous for is the amazing array of homegrown cannabis they have in their dispensaries.

Most people don’t recognize this, however most of that “homegrown” cannabis isn’t from Chicago, however from the farmland of remote Illinois.

In the sizable village cannabis has to be grown in labs, or under lights, which is deranged when there are literally millions of acres of vibrant farmland across Illinois. The largest dispensaries own farms scattered throughout Illinois where they cultivate & produce sizable cannabis crops the aged fashioned way! And the only place they sell this weed is in Chicago.

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