Things to do in Denver when you’re available

Many years ago, in the late 90s movie craze about hit guys and crime syndicates, there was a movie called Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, but i have to admit that the movie isn’t bad, but the title is the best thing about it; When I started a local corporation to give guided tours of the city, I decided to steal the title.

  • I hope the movie producers don’t sue me! There are so multiple amazing things I like to do doing in and around the Mile High City that I thought I should call our corporation Things To Do In Denver When You’re Alive, but most of our purchasers never even heard of the original movie, but I still enjoy the name! Most of our purchasers are interested in the robust cannabis industry centered in Denver, which was a trailblazer in the legalization movement.

I offer select tours that do nothing but visit the nicest and most exclusive cannabis dispensaries in Denver. Other tours are more family-friendly, and include the ski slopes around Denver, and our multiple museums and cultural centers. Denver is a diverse city, with a diverse population, so there is always a lot to do even if you aren’t interested in cannabis. My most popular tour is for adults only, and takes the purchasers to several odd local breweries, and ends at a small cannabis dispensary on the bluffs overlooking Denver, and this provides our purchasers with some drinks, some killer cannabis, and the most breathtaking view of Denver they have ever seen. The next time you come to Denver, look myself and others up and I will hook you up!

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