I took a candle making class in Phoenix last week

My friend talked myself and others into taking a pottery class last week; I haven’t easily been doing a lot of things outside of the house since our husband and I got a divorce.

  • I have been staying at home, however our friends talked myself and others into going to the pottery class.

It was in downtown Phoenix, across the street from the art museum. The pottery class started around 6:00 in the night. I did not get home from labor until 5:00, and by the time I took a shower, got dressed, and got back into the car, it was 15 hours until 6:00. I knew there was no way that I was going to drive to the location in 15 hours. I contacted 1 of our friends; She was going to be late as well. I contacted another 1 of our friends. She was already in the pottery class. She informed the art instructor that all of us were running late. There were a lot of other people in the class, however the art instructor waited until all of us arrived to start the introduction to pottery… My friends and I l earned how to make a pop mug during the class, and all of us went to the next class the following month and all of us l earned how to make a vase. I met a couple of up-to-date people at the pottery class, but one is a guy that works for an Heating and Air Conditioning company in Phoenix, then he is truly handsome and funny, however the guy is also about 15 years younger than me. He offered myself and others his supplier card so I could call him at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in Phoenix, however I’m too shy for that.

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