Denver leads the nation in killer cannabis

In terms of cannabis legalization, Denver is one of the most respected cities in America.

This place was way ahead of the curve with legalization laws.

I remember hearing about it on the news, and how so many people said that Denver was heading down the road to ruin. This turned out to be very wrong, because if anything the legalization of cannabis made Denver one of America’s hot spots. Tourists started pouring in from all around the country, because a) cannabis was legal in Denver and b) this wasn’t just any cannabis, it was some of the best in the world! The millions of dollars in extra tax revenue from cannabis sales was all put back into public works and services, which in turn made Denver even safer than it was before. In other words, money collected from the legal cannabis dispensaries was used to bolster the Denver police force, and give extra funding to roadwork, schools, and libraries. The critics said that cannabis would lead to the demise of Denver, but instead it led to a rebirth! Since then the city of Denver, Colorado has been a shining example to other cities and states about how legalized cannabis can benefit the community. I don’t live in Denver, but I have been staying here for a few weeks doing research about medical cannabis, and how it can benefit a city. I want to get the statistics and data for a presentation to the politicians in my own hometown, to get cannabis legalized and become a little more like Denver.
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