Lee’s Summit has great fun

I had never been in an escape room before I went to Lee’s Summit, MO, however my besties & I had been to a concert that took us right through Lee’s Summit on our way home, but the two of us saw a lot of signs for things to do while there, & decided to extend our trip for an extra day.

There was a shopping center that gave an escape room, & both of us made the choice to go in.

the vehicle was boiling & cramped, since there were many us, & both of us needed to get out. The shopping center had excellent air conditioning, & since it was nearing ninety & sultry outside, it felt amazing inside, but i was wondering if both of us should have taken the vehicle to a shop that gave Heating & A/C labor & have the AC worked on, however they overrode me. The rest of the ladies wanted to go in the shopping center. The two of us got inside & nearly collapse with relief when the air conditioning hit us. The escape room was in the middle of the shopping center, & both of us decided to supply it a try. It was a quick in & out for us since both of us all worked together, however both of us could not stop laughing. I could not guess Lee’s Summit, MO was an minute away from home, however both of us had never been here before. I made a mental note that once I had the car’s AC worked on, both of us were coming back to Lee’s Summit, & reading more about the city. I wanted to check out Rock Island Trailhead, & Winterset Nature Area. They both looked care about great places to hike & bike.

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