The college reunion was hosted in Portland.

When you have a family and a career, it’s hard to make time for friends.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with my old pals.

If it weren’t for Facebook and Instagram we might not stay in touch at all! Last year I had a great idea, and I spent several months trying to organize it so that all my old friends could get together for one weekend. My goal is to turn this into an annual event, but all great journeys start with a single step. I managed to get all eight of us together for a long weekend in Portland, Oregon, a place I had selected because of the abundance of local cannabis. Of course the real reason was to spend time together and catch up on old times, but we could have done that anywhere. I picked Portland because of its rep as a low-key party town. It’s not like one of those Florida “spring break” towns crawling with creepy college kids, Portland is a respected city with a reputation for class, and for having the best locally brewed beers and best locally grown cannabis strains. Although there are a lot of fun things to do in and around Portland, I’m happy to say we didn’t do any of them. We stayed in our rental house, smoking cannabis and drinking some terrific craft beer. We all agreed that Portland, Oregon would have been the worst possible place for us to go to college, because we would have been too preoccupied with cannabis and flunked out of school!

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