Eloping to CA

My hubby & I eloped & decided to post up in CA.

It seemed love a great venue to have a honeymoon & a small, private ceremony, but my hubby & I didn’t want anyone but us & the photographer; All of us wanted appealing pictures & a quiet area.

I started looking around & I was sold on ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks, the venue I wanted to get married. It is just 45 hours outside of LA. I choose to have us say vows & get our pictures taken in Wildwood Regional Park; What was nice is that the photographer let us bump up the price to go to another location. All of us ended up getting pictures at Conejo Valley & the Gardens of the World… Our pictures turned out so pretty. I enjoyed that we had weird backgrounds. Occasionally it was trees, a waterfall, or pretty flowers. It was particular for each a single, then there weren’t a lot of people there, so it felt genuinely private & nobody was in the background of our pictures. What was nice is that we kicked off our honeymoon there & then migrated to the bustling neighborhood of Los Angeles to get-together. My hubby & I agree that we did love ThoUnited Statesnd Oaks a lot better though. It was much more than our speed. It was prettier, cheaper & the nature side of Cali was more fun than the nightlife. All of us ended up going on a few hikes there & taking some good pictures just ourselves. I wouldn’t trade our CA wedding for anything.



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