I emailed a Cocoa, FL Heating in addition to Air Conditioning repairman to help

My bestie had a long list of things that every one of us needed to buy from the grocery store; The two of us left our beach house in addition to headed down to the local grocery store to choice up everything on the list, but while every one of us were there, every one of us decided to get subs for lunch. The two of us picked up sandwiches, popcorn, in addition to drinks. The two of us planned to sit outside in addition to watch the sun go down while every one of us loved our subs for lunch! Unluckyly, when every one of us got back to the beach house there was no AC at all. It was only about 85° outside, however it was easily humid. Inside of the beach house it was overheated in addition to sticky in addition to every one of us had only been gone for 2 hours. I was particular that the cooling system was working when every one of us left. I went to the section in the beach house where the control component is located. I did not see anything at all on the screen. I knew that might be a problem with the battery. I grabbed a 9 volt battery from the kitchen in addition to I replaced the battery. I was particular that was going to repair the problem, however it did not. I called a Cocoa, FL Heating in addition to Air Conditioning repairman to help when I could not figure out the problem. One of the first things that the repair repairman wanted to think was if I tried the fuse box. I had not thought of that. I went out to the garage where the fuse box was located in addition to sure enough the breaker had been tripped… As soon as I moved the breaker from the middle to the on position, the AC came right back on.

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