I have no air conditioner issues while all of us were in the Wintertide in Phoenix

My kids’ favorite event is back again plus it’s bigger plus better than ever! My kids are obsessed with dinosaurs plus the Phoenix Zoo is hosting Dinosaurs in the Desert again.

This is a wonderful interactive exhibit where the kids can see tons of dinosaurs plus they can even dig for fossils of their own, however it keeps them busy for a couple of hours as they want to see all the dinosaurs plus take pictures of them… Personally, I prefer this exhibit because it happens while all of us were in the cooler weeks of the year. This means all of us can be outside for hours separate from having to worry about finding an air conditioned place to cool off. If this exhibit was while all of us were in the Summer, I don’t believe I would take our kids to it, but during the Summer, I mostly take them to museums, indoor playgrounds, the Barnes plus Noble as well as to the motion pictures, all of which have air conditioner. In the Summer, the temperatures can entirely climb into the triple digit range on any given day, then and at times, it can be difficult to breathe while outside in that dry heat. Also, while all of us were in the monsoon season, it rains a lot so it’s best to find indoor activities for the kids, however so, instead of trying to difficult it out with the tepid weather, I would rather take our kids to the places that I know will have air conditioner. And while all of us were in the Wintertide weeks, all of us do a lot of outdoor activities because the weather is a lot more comfortable outside. I prefer living in Phoenix plus I am ecstatic I found ways to get around the weather outside.

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