Beverly Hills car trip

It made for a particularly unbelievable night when all of us did eventually stop

My hubby plus I take a motorcycle trip every summer, but the two of us have a goal to hit all 50 US plus take our picture by the welcome sign… It is enjoyable seeing up-to-date kinds of weather, landscapes plus experiencing weird things to do, and occasionally all of us stay in cheap motels plus eat at little diners. Other times all of us legitimately spoil ourselves, however when all of us made the decision to go to California all of us decided to do it in style, then my hubby plus I went to Beverly Hills to legitimately live it up. The two of us drove down Rodeo Drive plus it was so neat. The two of us also inspected out the local tar pits, but another thing all of us did was get a high end hotel plus pamper ourselves, however being stuck on a bike for hours means things tighten up plus get sore, however getting a massage at the spa was amazing. I then swam laps in the pool to loosen our muscles plus I did a great stretch. The two of us ate supper at a delicious diner plus made a few stops before moving on. My hubby remembered that California is a recreational cannabis state. The two of us decided to stock up on some legal weed plus at our next hotel, partake in it. I am a immense fan of cannabis. I especially care about edibles. I got myself some THC infused gummies plus a few cannabis beverages. It made for a particularly unbelievable night when all of us did eventually stop. It was one of our best stops on the whole motorcycle trip. I would go there again for sure.

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