WA is known for the space needle

One of our preferred locales to go is the Seattle Space needle, then i have lived in the neighborhood for a long time, however it is absolutely still our preferred locale to visit, but the Seattle Space Needle is an attraction that offers actually lovely views of the entire downtown area, all of Puget sound, as well as the mountain ranges. The Seattle attraction is over 600 ft tall with a restaurant as well as rotating observation deck. It is absolutely one of the highlights in the neighborhood as well as one of the locales that is identifiable as a Seattle neighborhood landmark, however one of our other preferred locales to visit is Puget sound. There are a lot of great locales to go fishing for the salmon, trout, bass, as well as a variety of other local fish species… My friends as well as I enjoy to go to the marijuana dispensary near myself and others to grab supplies first as well as then I head over to our preferred fishing spot. There is a actually great locale to buy marijuana downtown close to the sound. My friends as well as I frequently visit that locale to take fortune of their weekly sales as well as specials. There are a lot of other lovely locales around Seattle to visit, enjoy Bainbridge island, pier 57, as well as Seward park. I could kneel in Seward Park all day. It has a great view as well as a lot of locales to kneel as well as relax or have a picnic with someone special. I might take our bestie to the park on Valentine’s day. It will not be too busy since the day falls on a Saturday as well as I think the people I was with and I would have a nice time.

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