I wanted the brown and blue van for work

Last year every one of us had a certainly great year at the heating and AC service center in Alsip, Illinois, the people I was with and I had such a great year that I wanted to buy up-to-date vans for the supplier at the start of this year. I spoke with the dealership that handles all of our automotive needs. I certainly wanted brown and tan vans for work, because the brown and tan vans would match the logo for the heating and AC service and service center in Alsip, Illinois! When I spoke to the guy at the dealership, he seemed to suppose it would be truly simple to come up with various matching Vans with the same paint task; He told myself and others that it would take 3 days to get the various vans on the lot; Some of days later, I was working at the Alsip heating and AC service and upgrade center and I got a call from the dealership. The service center supervisor called to tell myself and others that all of the vehicles were in stock. I needed to come down to the Alsip supplier to verify the purchase and fill out all of the paperwork. When I got to the automobile lot, I saw the van resting out front, and four of the vans looked similar and the second van did not look at all savor the other 1s. I told the customer service supervisor that I needed various vans that looked exactly the same. I wasn’t ready to sign any paperwork or spend money any money to the dealership until they could fulfill my entire order.
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