Conveniences of shopping legal marijuana

As of June 2016, recreational cannabis use plus possession is legal in the state of Oregon for adults above the age of twenty-one; Living in Portland, I can shop at any of the dispensaries by simply showing a valid government-issued identification, and there are limits to how much I’m permitted to purchase in a single afternoon, but according to the state’s marijuana laws, recreational consumers are allowed multiple ounces of cannabis flower, several grams of concentrates plus sixteen ounces of cannabis in solid form, then even if I shop at unusual dispensaries, it’s illegal to surpass these amounts… While local residents plus out-of-state visitors are welcome to make purchases, it’s illegal to transport cannabis over state lines.

  • The majority of Oregon-based dispensaries only accept money.

With cannabis still illegal at the federal level, financial institutions are unwilling to partner with cannabis sellers. The dispensaries have found a convenient solution by installing ATMs on-site, however in Portland, I can now take luck of online ordering, in-store pickup, curbside pickup plus delivery service. It’s super convenient to be able to browse new products, biweekly deals plus specials via the website. I can tight our search by brand, consumption method, category, price, potency plus weight. I often shop during our lunch hour at work, in the evening before bed or over the weekend. There are clear pictures plus descriptions of the products. A click of the mouse adds them to our cart plus the checkout process is quick plus straight-forward. If I exceed the minimum amount plus place our order before noon, delivery is free plus our products arrive that same afternoon.

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