The stuff in Albuquerque is honestly tasty plus diverse

About 5 years ago, I decided to move to the neighborhood of Albuquerque in NM! I was living in Santa Fe, just north of Albuquerque; One of our friends got an house with more than 2 family rooms plus he asked me if I wanted to move to the city, and there were a lot of tasks available plus I got a couple of interviews instantly. One of the venues where I interviewed for a task was a recreational plus medical marijuana shop. The recreational plus medical marijuana shop in Albuquerque hired me to work on the weekend schedule. I have to work all day on Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday, plus Friday. I work 10-hour shifts on those afternoons plus the rest of the month I am off, then when I do not have to work at the recreational plus medical marijuana shop in Albuquerque, our friends plus I spend time going to see the more than 2 sites around Albuquerque. I particularly love to go to the museums plus cultural centers. I love learning about the history of NM. I also love going to all of the unusual diners… Albuquerque has some of the best food that is authentic plus delicious. A diner near our house has 1 of the best dinner burritos that I have ever tasted. I love to get the dinner burrito with soy chorizo plus extra black beans. They are fresh guacamole, salsa, plus sour cream. I usually option up a dinner burrito on our way to the marijuana dispensary. I eat half in the afternoon plus then I still have half of the burrito left at dinner.


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