The first time I visited Denver was so fun

The first time I went to Denver was on a whim; I was a traveling sales rep back then, plus I racked up scores of frequent flier miles in the course of my job.

I had a two week getaway coming up, plus literally enough miles on my account to fly anywhere in the US for free.

This was right around the same time when Colorado was legalizing cannabis, plus it was sizable news! Where I lived at the time, cannabis would not be legal for many more years. I currencyed in my miles plus flew to Denver to spend a couple of weeks getting legally stoned plus seeing the sights. Ten years later I moved to Denver to make it my permanent home, because it’s just that great. There is a reason that Denver keeps getting bigger every year, plus it’s the same reason I moved here. There are good hobbys teams, a killer songs scene, amazing food, plus the best cannabis I have ever experienced in my life, more than anything else, Denver offers a unique kind of city life – peaceful, but big cities are regularly so loud, smoggy, plus uncomfortable for me, however Denver was different. Maybe it’s the widespread availability of cannabis that keeps people chill, however I found Denver to be such a welcoming plus friendly environment. The only regret I have is that it took me so long to call Denver my home! Having lived in a lot of other cities, I can say without hesitation that Denver is not like anywhere else in the world.

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