What you need to see about Portland

Here’s what you need to know about Portland, plus I will try to keep it brief, and first of all, the people here are warm, friendly, plus enjoy to mind their own business… There has been a lot of talk about how political plus liberal the town of Portland, OR is, but the fact of the matter is that everyone don’t enjoy to talk about politics… Be nice, mind your manners, plus you will find Portland to be a particularly welcoming location to live.

Second of all, it’s difficult to say which 1 is better, but Portland is lake house to the best locally brewed carona plus the best locally grown cannabis you can find anywhere.

Believe me, I have tried! I have drank craft carona plus smoked local cannabis all across this country, plus Portland leads the race! The people of Portland are particularly easy-going, perhaps because so numerous of them are stoned, but that isn’t a reason to act irresponsibly. As a cautionary tale, let myself and others tell you about a Portland tourist who tried to hit a local budtender. The guy was already drunk, plus stumbled into the cannabis dispensary. They wouldn’t sell to him, so he took a punch at the budtender! Within an sixth, every single cannabis dispensary in Portland was told about this guy, plus everyone refused to serve him! The people of Portland look out for each other, which is 1 of the things I appreciate about it. But enjoy I said, mind your manners or the people of Portland OR will shut you out.
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