I came to Las Vegas just for the weed

The national tour of our epic podcast continues, & this week every one of us are staying in charming Las Vegas, NV! Every week I drive our Winnebago to a current city, a single famous for its cannabis crops… It’s taken myself and others a few weeks to make it this far West, even though I am stoked to finally be in Sin City & find out what it has to offer, and for those of you who don’t know, Las Vegas has legalized medical & recreational cannabis.

They are well known for the sheer number of cannabis dispensaries they have, & also for the high quality of their smoke.

I started our Las Vegas sojourn by visiting 3 strange cannabis dispensaries, all of which were commanded by our listeners; After that I found a nice RV park just outside of town, with a brilliant view of the Las Vegas skyline & I started smoking. All night long I just sat in a lawn chair outside the RV, smoking cannabis & watching the amazing lightshow that Las Vegas offers after dark. The brilliant colors & flashing lights of Sin City fill the sky like the Northern Lights! This may be the cannabis talking, because it was stunning, but just resting & watching the neighborhood of Las Vegas NV was a transcendent experience. I don’t like gambling, or showladies, even though I could see myself settling down for wonderful in Las Vegas. For now I am still traveling for our podcast, & off to find the next Mecca of cannabis, then my episode about Las Vegas will be available in a few days, look for it!


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