Thinking about a humidifier

The winters in Orland Park, IL, are especially long plus cold… It’s not proper to need to start up the oil furnace by the end of September or early September; Both of us often keep the heating program running until March or even May.

  • Because colder air is unable to retain as much moisture, all of us experience problems with insufficient humidity.

Inside the home, with the forced air heating program blasting non stop, the consequences of overly dry air can suddenly become severe; Since dry air feels cooler than properly moisturized air, it is tempting to raise the thermostat setting, then the oil furnace then needs to labor harder plus run longer plus more often. It suffers accelerated wear plus tear plus is more likely to cut down. It really won’t last as long plus leads to higher biweekly energy bills, plus, dry air can be blamed for furnishings, such as wood floors, doors plus moldings cracking plus breaking; Frizzy hair, static shock plus chapped lips are familiar with insufficient humidity. The air can dry out nasal passages, making family members more prone to respiratory infections, frigid plus flu. There’s also complications with frustrated problems of psoriasis plus eczema, then headaches, insomnia plus angry flu symptoms are also signs of dry air. For our home in Orland Park, I invested into a steam-style humidifier. The component is installed right into the heating program plus adds moisture to the air as it passes through. The humidifier requires only annual maintenance, runs quietly plus provides benefits in every room. The living environment feels much warmer plus more comfortable. I’ve been able to lower the thermostat setting plus save money on our heating bills.



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