I like to spend winter in Phoenix

My wife and I still live up north where there is snow during the winter.

We frequently go somewhere for a couple of months so we don’t have to deal with the hardest part of the winter when there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground.

One place that my wife and I like to spend winter is Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is a great city that is well known for having warm temperatures and lots of sun. My wife and I have a place we like to stay that is right outside of Phoenix in scottsdale. We travel into the city everyday to enjoy some of the attractions. We particularly like the Desert Botanical Garden and it isn’t very far from the condo. The condo is also close to places where we can buy groceries, tools, food, and anything else that we might need. When the weather is warm and sunny, my wife likes to stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning. I prefer to spend my time outside instead of indoors with the AC running. A couple of my friends and I go to play golf when the weather is nice. There are several golf courses designed by famous people and it’s easy to get an early morning tea time somewhere. Last year when we were in Phoenix, I got to play on every single golf course in the city. I had to play two rounds on a couple of days, but it was really fun to fit all of the courses into one winter of golfing fun.


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