South Bend is known for some great baseball

A lot of people don’t recognize the name South Bend, but it is a city where I have lived all of my life.

My mom has lived here since 1930 and my entire family still lives here. South Bend is known for some great baseball. We have had a couple of people go on to the major leagues after they played ball here in the city. South Bend has a lot of famous people and one of those is the mayor. The mayor of South Bend went on to run for the president of the United states. I grew up with Pete and I campaigned right here in South Bend to help him get all of the votes possible. Seeing a guy from the city go on to great things makes me realize that anything is possible. I probably could have done great things if I would have gone to college, but I went to a technical school instead. I work in the city of South Bend as a heating and AC repair and installation technician. I have the knowledge to work on large commercial Heating and AC systems and residential systems. I worked on the commercial heating and AC system in the mayor’s office when Pete was still there and I got to meet the guy. He was really nice and very pleasant. He didn’t treat me like a blue collar worker that was beneath him and that made me want to know even more about the candidate when he decided to run for the office of the president.

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