In the summer, I find different ways to cool off

Visiting Lion Country Safari is one of my favorite pastimes.

Nearby to my home in Royal Palm Beach is a drive-through safari.

In addition to water parks, petting zoos, cafes, mini golf courses, and a variety of other attractions, this enormous safari offers hundreds of animals to view. Kids will love feeding the giraffes and playing in the waterpark at this location, which is great for families with young children. Personally, I like it because it allows me to drive through the safari in the comfort of my air-conditioned car when it’s hot outside. And because you can get close to the animals, going on a safari is a great way to spend an hour admiring wildlife. It’s amazing that we have a location like this close to Royal Palm Beach because it’s unmatched in the neighborhood. The summers can be quite hot in this part of Florida, and while we have the beaches to cool off on a hot day, it’s nice to have other places that provide some relief from the sweltering weather outside. To be completely honest, if there were no places where we could escape the heat, I would probably stay inside my house enjoying the air conditioning. And I’d be perfectly fine with doing that. In fact, on the hottest days, I will occasionally wait until the evening hours when the weather begins to cool off before leaving my house in the air conditioning. Although I adore my home city of Royal Palm Beach, I’m not sure how much I would still adore it if there were no places to cool off in the summer.

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