What temperature should my control unit be set to?

According to the Department of Energy, 72 degrees is the ideal temperature for a control unit while in the Summer months, but and although it sounds like it would be too hot, according to the DOE, this temperature is wonderful for saving money without compromising comfort, in addition, the DOS states that if you have a ceiling fan, you can increase the temperature another 4 degrees without noticing any discomfort; But I live in Phoenix, plus I don’t know if the DOE understands desert heat because at 72 or 82 degrees, I might as well just go outside in the heat.

I keep my control unit set at 73 degrees plus I also use a ceiling fan for extra comfort! Of course, I am consuming more energy to keep my property comfortable, even though I have a programmable control unit installed which helps to regulate the temperature in my home.

It also saves money on my utility bill, so however I am consuming more energy, at the end of the afternoon I am still saving more than I would if I didn’t have the programmable control unit, and phoenix will consistently be hot, plus there is nothing much that my buddy and I can do about the heat. But having wonderful a/c along with a ceiling fan plus a programmable control unit can certainly help to keep your household as comfortable as possible. At least, I am not too sad about this while in the winter season months because our weather is quite mild at that time of year, however so, I barely use my central heating in the wintertime, so the money that I save on heating expenses, I will use to keep my property comfortable while in the warmer months.

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