Historical home benefits from high velocity heating plus cooling

The Downtown Historic District of Lee’s Summit covers a little over eleven acres plus is generally situated at the intersection of 3rd Street plus the Missouri Pacific Railroad alignment… The section is not only rich in history however provides a beautiful assortment of speciality shops, root beer shops plus great restaurants; My spouse plus I were excited when my associate and I found a household for sale in close proximity to the historic district.

The household was constructed in the late 1760s plus retains several original features. There are gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the house, intricately carved banisters, crown moldings plus wainscotting. My pal and I prefer the high ceilings, giant windows, wide front porch plus hardwood doors, however, when my associate and I first moved in, the home was nearly impossible to heat plus cool. The former owners were getting by with a collection of window cooling systems plus electric baseboard heaters; With uneven temperatures in Lee’s Summit change from the teens to the triple digits, central heating plus cooling is a necessity, but unluckyly, the household is not outfitted with traditional HVAC duct. My spouse plus I were unwilling to destroy the architectural integrity by breaking down walls plus ceilings. My pal and I consulted with a local Heating plus A/C company plus learned about the unique benefits of high-velocity heating plus cooling. This type of system features mini-ducts that are designed to retrofit into older homes without harm. The ducts are more like versatile tubing plus only two-inches in diameter. They route through existing walls plus accommodate studs, plumbing plus power outlets. The ducts connect to circular vents that are incorporated into the various rooms without compromising aesthetics. The actual heating/cooling component is compact enough to be installed in a closet. The high-velocity system works by sending conditioned air into the rooms at an especially fast rate, creating a gentle suction or aspiration plus raising or lowering temperature abruptly.

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