Cannabis provides a natural alternative to synthetic arthritis medications

For several years, I suffered from mild symptoms of arthritis in my hands. Every now and then, my fingers would swell and become stiff and painful. I managed with over-the-counter medicines and home remedies. My issues were not severe enough to require a doctor’s visit or a prescription. Unfortunately, about a year ago, the symptoms worsened considerably. My fingers swelled up so quickly and badly that I was forced to cut off my rings. I found it nearly impossible to make a fist. It was painful to hold a comb or a toothbrush. Typing on my laptop was difficult. Since my entire job is handled by way of the computer, I needed to find relief. I looked into the different prescription medicines available and was not impressed with the potential side-effects. Further research led me to nearly endless success stories from arthritis-sufferers who have turned to cannabis as a remedy. Because cannabis is a plant-sourced medicine, there are none of the harmful consequences associated with more traditional synthetic alternatives. With recreational cannabis legal in New Mexico, I don’t need a doctor’s recommendation or MMJ card to shop at my local dispensary in Albuquerque. I can take advantage of online ordering, curbside pickup or in-store pick up for convenient access to a huge variety of cannabis options. I’ve experimented and found that a combination of tinctures and topicals work best to treat my arthritis. I choose full-spectrum CBD products and target the pain and inflammation from the inside and the outside. The improvement has been amazing.

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