Telling stories in Philadelphia

Well, that’s because the crowds in Philadelphia can be savage

I write, narrate, and produce a horror storytelling podcast. You probably haven’t heard of it, but I think it’s damn good, and one day it will take over the horror industry! I have built up a small but loyal fanbase, so the next step was to start doing live shows. Basically this means I set up my gear on stage and record an episode in front of a live audience. Their response and feedback can take a horror story to the next level! So far I have only done shows in the Philadelphia area. This is partially because I live near Philadelphia, but also because many of my stories are set here and the local crowds love them. Before every show I always spend a few hours smoking cannabis to get my brain nice and relaxed. Fear and anxiety are the enemies for a great performance, and with locally grown Philadelphia cannabis I give myself the chance to succeed on stage. If you aren’t familiar with the people of Philadelphia you may wonder why I am so anxious that I require cannabis. Well, that’s because the crowds in Philadelphia can be savage. I’ve seen Philly crowds roast comedians and boo bands off stage. Philadelphia is the city that booed the heck out of Santa Claus at a football game! With that in mind, I definitely need to unwind with high octane cannabis and get in the right state of mind before I confront a Philadelphia crowd! Wish me luck, because I think the next show is going to be the best yet.

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