The lady wanted to upgrade her thermostat

My wife and I took the kids to the Jacksonville Zoo to see all of the animals.

The zoo has a lot of fun activities, especially during the summer time when it’s warm.

The Jacksonville Zoo has a play area for the kids where there is water and they can Splash around and have fun. My wife and I took the kids on Saturday to the zoo and I was on call that day. I work for a Jacksonville AC repair business. I told my wife that I might have to leave if there was an emergency. I got a call from an older woman living on the north side. Her home wasn’t actually too far away from the Jacksonville zoo, so I thought that I could take care of the job and possibly come back to be with my family before they were done having fun. The lady only wanted to upgrade her thermostat. She had her eye on a smart thermostat that she purchased from the hardware store around the corner. She wanted someone to install the smart thermostat. When the woman called, I told her that we were only open for emergency services. I urge her to make an appointment for Monday morning instead of paying the emergency service fee on Saturday to have the smart thermostat installed. She told me that she had already been looking at the thermostat for a couple of days and she wanted to have it installed as quickly as possible. She did not mind paying an extra fee to have the work done on Saturday.

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