Trying different types of consumption methods

When I first began shopping at the cannabis dispensary in Muskegon, I was strictly interested in recreational enjoyment.

  • I shopped mainly dried flower, pre-rolls and vapes, because I liked the process and quick onset of effects.

I found strains that energized and uplifted my mood and those that relaxed me. As I tried different strains as well as various THC and CBD ratios, I realized that I could target a wide range of effects. Indicas tend to create relaxing, full-body effects. They are great for treating pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia. Sativas are more of a cerebral high, better for daytime use and helpful in combating stress, low energy and lack of focus. Hybrids are created by cross-breeding different varieties of indicas and sativas for specific objectives. There are strains produced for high THC potency, high CBD levels or curative terpenes. As I learned more about the potential of cannabis, I began to experiment with different consumption methods. Smoking is very straightforward with rapid effects that don’t last all that long. Edibles are much different. Because the cannabinoids need to pass through the digestive tract and are absorbed by the liver, the effects can take several hours to be fully realized. They tend to be more intense and last a long time. There are gummies, brownies, cookies, suckers, peanut butter cups and a huge selection of options. I am not a huge fan of the taste. There is simply no way to totally hide the strong cannabis flavor. For that reason, I prefer tinctures. I only need to place a few drops under my tongue and wait for them to be absorbed. They are very easy and there are lots of options to choose from.

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