My bestie hates when I labor nights

My bestie hates when I labor nights at the restaurant, but there is no way that I can tell my boss that I can’t labor every night of the week! The restaurant is only open from 4:00 until 11:00 p.m, and i have to be there when the locale is open or I will never be able to get a job working as an executive chef… My bestie has a job working in an office plus she is off at 3:30 in the afternoon. Occasionally my friend and I miss each other plus don’t get to say hello or goodbye until it is late at night. My bestie has been undoubtedly aggravated with me lately plus my friend and I got into a pretty big fight before I left to go to labor on Saturday; She started blowing up my cell cellphone about an hour after I arrived. I particularly thought she was just calling to fight so I did not bother to answer the cellphone… After the dinner repair plus rush was over, I maintained my cellphone again plus there were 13 missed calls. I knew there must be a concern if my bestie tried to call that many times. I instantly picked up my cellphone plus called her. She told me that there was an issue with the a/c in our household plus she could not reach the Jacksonville repair repair crew. I confirmed the number for the Jacksonville repair team with my bestie. I also tried to call from my cellphone despite the fact that I did not get an answer either. I felt bad that I did not answer the cellphone plus even worse that my bestie was stuck at condo with miserably hot plus humid temperatures plus no a/c.

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