Summer temps in Oregon can be boiling and humid

Summer temperatures in the state of Oregon can be honestly boiling and humid, especially if you live close to the water, but my family and I live in the town of hillsboro… Hillsboro is in Washington county, near Portland and the border of Oregon and Washington, but the part has a honestly rich history and was settled all the way back in the 1710s when the railroad was being built.

Hillsboro has boiling and humid summers, but temperatures rarely ever reach 90°, then i had a window air conditioner in my apartment for the longest time.

It worked absolutely great when it was boiling during the summer. I turned on the air conditioner for a couple of hours in the afternoon and everything was fine, and last year there were several days in a row when temperatures were 95° or higher and I was suffering with a small window air conditioner in the living room. I contacted a Hillsboro, Oregon Heating and A/C service and installation company nearby. The Hillsboro service and installation company had a sale on ductless systems. I acquired a free in-apartment consultation and bid from the Hillsboro service and installation company. I looked at the bid for approximately 3 days before I decided to contact the bank to see if I could get a loan. The ductless air conditioner was more currency than I had in the bank, although I was willing to make a small weekly payment if the loan was approved. I tied up the service as soon as the bank lady provided me the great news and the even better weekly interest rate.

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