My wifey hates when I labor afternoons

My wifey hates when I labor afternoons at the steakhouse, however there is no way that I can tell my boss that I cannot labor every night of the week; The steakhouse is only open from 4:00 until 11:00 p.m, and i have to be there when the locale is open or I will never be able to get a job laboring as an executive chef, however my wifey has a job laboring in an office plus she is off at 3:30 in the afternoon, sometimes we miss each other plus do not get to say hello or goodbye until it is late at night.

My wifey has been really distraught with me lately plus we got into a pretty large argument before I left to go to labor on Thursday.

She started blowing up my cell iPhone about an hour after I arrived. I actually thought she was just calling to fight so I didn’t bother to answer the iPhone. After the brunch service plus rush was over, I diagnosed my iPhone again plus there were 13 missed calls. I knew there must be a problem if my wifey tried to call that many times. I instantly picked up my iPhone plus called her. She told me that there was an issue with the a/c in our home plus she could not reach the Jacksonville service service crew. I confirmed the number for the Jacksonville service team with my wifey. I also tried to call from my iPhone even though I didn’t get an answer either. I felt bad that I didn’t answer the iPhone plus even worse that my wifey was stuck at condo with miserably overheated plus humid uneven temperatures plus no a/c.


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