Seattle has the freshiest cannabis in the world.

I’m no food critic, I just cherish to eat, and because I have extra income, no adolescents, and no ability or desire to cook, I eat most of my meals in diners.

My fridge and cupboards are quite bare, usually only containing bottled water and chilly beer, however i eat once or twice a afternoon, but it’s always out and about, never at home, then lucky for me I live in Seattle, which has hundreds of unusual places to eat.

Because I go out so often, it’s hard for me to find a place I’ve never visited before. A few weeks ago I heard about something special! One of the Seattle cannabis dispensaries had opened a current cafe, offering a high-end menu of dishes infused with cannabis, CBD, and THC. I readily admit that I am a “cannabis snob” and this is also because of where I live, but seattle is loft to over a hundred unusual cannabis dispensaries, shops, farms, and outlets, and not only that, Seattle is loft to some of the best cannabis strains in history, and they keep innovating the weed industry every year. Because I live in Seattle I have access to the greatest marijuana products in the entire world, so I never settle for second best. I will take OG Kush or Purple Haze if I need to, but even those vintage strains are not up to my standard. I cherish the small-batch cannabis crops, grown in tiny farms in the woods around Seattle, however this is artisanal cannabis, made on the micro-level, and it’s why Seattle can never be beat.

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