My sister stayed at my house when her air conditioner broke down

My kids loved it because she was able to keep them entertained

Last Summer in Birmingham, we broke so many records when it came to the heat. Although this is the South and it’s expected to be hot, things are becoming unbearable when we have multiple days of triple digit temperature. My kids refused to play outside because it was hot. So, we spent most of the Summer inside basking in the air conditioning. And speaking of air conditioning, it was so hot last year that many air conditioners could not keep up with the heat and broke down. My sister ended up staying with us because her air conditioner broke and her HVAC provider couldn’t fix it right away. Apparently, there was an influx in service repair calls as well as a supply chain shortage that resulted in delays. Based on what my sister said, this supply chain issue was happening statewide because of the record breaking heat. Not to mention that her HVAC provider was also experiencing a shortage of HVAC technicians. I am glad that I was able to help my sister, but I can’t imagine what some of the residents had to endure who didn’t have a place to seek refuge. It just shows you how much we need our air conditioners as well as our furnaces and heaters to remain comfortable in our homes. Anyway, it took 2 weeks before my sister was able to get her HVAC unit fixed, so she stayed with us for the entire time. My kids loved it because she was able to keep them entertained. After that incident, I made sure that I scheduled my HVAC service appointment earlier this year, because I would hate to have to deal with a broken air conditioner in the middle of a hot Summer.

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