There are so many great places to eat in Portland

Once upon a time I was a journalist and writer for the local newspaper.

The newspaper shut down permanently 11 years ago, and for a while I was aimless.

Writing and doing reviews was my passion, so getting some random office job left me a little depressed. Thankfully I discovered the internet community of food bloggers soon after. Before long I was writing, and even recording videos, about my reviews of the best places to eat in Portland. This sleepy city is not well known for its cuisine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing eateries to be found. The latest, and greatest, place to eat in Portland is a cannabis cafe. This was the first time I had ever been inside a cannabis cafe, so I was very excited for it. Portland is world famous for its locally grown cannabis strains, so it may surprise you to hear I haven’t indulged too often. I like cannabis, but it’s not something I can use every day. The chance to have a high end 5-course meal where every dish is infused with cannabis sounded very tempting. I took an Uber to downtown Portland, under the assumption I would be far too stoned to drive by the end of the meal. In addition to using locally sourced cannabis products, the cafe also used meat, herbs, and vegetables from the Portland area. This was a farm-to-table experience like I have never experienced before in Portland. In addition to the food being delicious, it was also so jam-packed with cannabis that I don’t remember how I got home that night.


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