A different kind of romance at the Marcus Orland Park Cinemas

My partner had bought two tickets for me to catch a movie I had looked forward to, and he was going to be there to watch it with me

I loved movies too much but often found myself watching them alone since my partner was not into movie watching. He preferred gaming and would leave me on the couch to catch up on a game at his playstation. While this interfered with our binding time, we had chosen our battles and knew when to spend time together. We never left this difference to interfere with our love. However, when we visited my sister inlaw in Orland, IL, my partner said he had a surprise for me. I wondered what he had gotten me this time around since he was excellent at giving me the right stuff when I least expected it. IW s almost sure that it was another thoughtful gift that I would appreciate. However, after dinner in one of the finest restaurants, he asked me to close my eyes as he drove me to a palace he said I would love. We arrived, and he still insisted that I shut my eyes. Finally, he got something and directed me down some stairs. It was only after we were settled that he let me open my eyes for me to discover that we were at the cinemas. My partner had bought two tickets for me to catch a movie I had looked forward to, and he was going to be there to watch it with me. He had taken me to the Marcus ORland Park Cinemas, and nothing was more romantic than this. That was the one thing I kept wishing we would do tother to complete the perfect love triangle, and it happened when we were not home. Even though the evening was a bit chilly, I felt warm in his embrace and was even ready to welcome winter if this is how things will always be.


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Summer family fun at the Mackenize river

We had lived in Eugene, OG, for quite some time now since my parents relocated to start their new business.

The business back home was not thriving due to the stiff competition, and my parents had realized that a new town and accommodating space for their business would be perfect to start afresh.

They had done their research and realized that Eugene was not flooded with the business they ran, so it was a safe landing space which is why we moved. I was familiar with most places, and we had also heard a lot about how fun it was at the McKenzie River. Unfortunately, we moved here when the weather was not very friendly, and we were also too busy trying to settle down that we decided to give it time. However, this summer, my parents felt it was time to take that trip. I was in college and therefore legally allowed to enjoy a few excesses that my siblings couldn’t. I had been dying to try a few cannabis strains sold in the cannabis dispensaries near home but needed an excuse to do it. My parents didn’t mind it, but they asked why I was smoking cannabis in the house. I knew how much fun and how tiring it would be after the summer trip, so I planned to have a quiet moment in my room afterward when everyone was asleep. Fortunately, cannabis was legal, and no one would raise the alarm even if I chose to smoke outside. The day’s events at the McKenzie river were unforgettable, and we got to make some beautiful family memories too.

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Uping my game at Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

I had an eye for great things, and my mum knew that I would make a fine designer like herself.

I would always tag along whenever she had a new project with a client, and as I grew older, I began to give her ideas.

I became a part of her team and would help her develop mood boards to match the client’s themes. Surprisingly, sometimes she would alter nothing, and the clients would love what I came up with. My mom was a diva, and she was good at seeing opportunities and talent when she saw one. She was also fun to hang out with, so I did not mind not having many friends my age. When I finished high school, mom asked me what I thought about joining her in business. She offered to mentor me and help me achieve my dreams if I desired to become an interior designer. I jumped at this offer since I had admired my mother for years, and nothing would make me happier than learning from the best. After a few weeks of hard work, mom took me to Denver. The idea was to relax and also get inspired to create more. We were scheduled to visit the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, among other places. The night before we visited the museum when we landed in Denver, mm surprised me more. I had never seen her smoking cannabis, but that night she seemed to be free. She had sent her PA to one of the cannabis dispensaries in Denver to get her a stash which she enjoyed that evening. She told me it helped her calm down whenever she was too stressed. Since it was legal here, she indulged. Unfortunately, I was too young to be allowed to try.

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Avista Stadium in Spokane was above the bar

I have always loved sports from my high school days and even more now that I am a high school teacher and football trainer.

One of the things I struggled with was the substandard stadium that our school had.

It was better than nothing, but I still felt that there was a lot we could do to support the young talents we tried to nature. I expressed my disappointments to the school management, who took my grievances to the board. After a few rounds of such complaints, they were fed up with me and asked me to benchmark and come up with an idea of how I wanted the school stadium to look like since we had the space. I chose to visit the Avista Stadium in Spokane because it was one of the best by then, and it wasn’t too far from our school. It was in the middle of summer, and it was impossible to tell it when you were in the arena. The sitting area had air conditioners that ensured everyone was comfortable regardless of the weather situation. I knew that despite upgrading the sporting facility in our school stadium, having ACs in the sitting arena, and the locker rooms would be a game-changer for everyone. It would help build interest for both the players and spectators, and we could even host external matches at a cost. I floated the idea to the management and hoped they would implement it since I did not stay too long to see it take the route as I moved to become a professional trainer for already practicing athletes.


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