They were selling vape pens in the casino.

When my son invited me to go to Las Vegas, Nevada with them, I was excited.

Going to Las Vegas was always something I dreamed of doing, and on my bucket list.

I couldn’t wait to see the lights at night, or to visit some of the old casinos that were on my ‘need to see’ list. I had slept less than five hours in the last three days, and as soon as we got to the hotel, all I wanted to do was lay down and get some sleep. The next day was a flurry of activity for us. My son wanted to take me to see the desert and experience everything he told me about. After spending four hours out in the heat and having a blast, we were all ready to go back to the hotel, get some dinner, and head to the casino. We spent the first hour just walking through the Paris casino. Not only were there shops wherever you looked, but there were people walking up and down the aisles of slot machines selling cigarettes and what appeared to be a vape pen. I asked my son if I was truly looking at a pen, or if it was something else? He sent his son over to purchase one of the vape pens and gave it to me as a souvenir. I wasn’t hinting that I wanted one, but I realized it was funny. When I said that I wanted to see everything I could see while in Las Vegas, Nevada, this was not what I expected. The hotels and the casinos were luxurious, and they had smartly dressed people walking around selling vape pens to the customers. I guessed it was safe to assume that recreational marijuana was legal in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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I spend a lot of money on expensive resins and rosins

I made it in Hollywood and that isn’t something that everyone can say. I got lucky because both of my parents supported my dreams of being an actress. When I was 10 years old, my mom sent me to a professional so I could receive voice lessons. My parents paid for me to attend acting workshops during the summer when school was not in session. When I was 12 years old, I had my first acting gig in a commercial. A movie producer saw the commercial and called my agent to cast me in an upcoming movie. I did not receive the part in the movie, but I was selected to appear in a television show that was produced locally. That led to a three-year contract on a major television network. I spent a lot of time working with other actors and actresses and I lived in Hollywood and Beverly Hills for more than a decade. Beverly Hills was really nice, especially up in the hills. Downtown isn’t the greatest, but the hills above the city have some of the most amazing and breathtaking views that I have ever seen. After I left the industry, I bought a house up in the hills and I left the public eye for a long time. The only time I go into Beverly Hills now is when I need to go to the dispensary. I spend a lot of money on expensive cannabis resins and rosins. I go to a top-end Beverly Hills cannatique. The building isn’t even called a dispensary. In Beverly Hills, everything is haute couture, even the weed.
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The best place for tacos is in Lansing

One of the best places to eat tacos in Chicago is located in the city of Lansing.

Lansing is a small suburb in Cook County.

I very infrequently go to Lansing unless it is for business reasons. I work as a heating & AC repair technician. I serviced most of the Chicago area. Every once in a while, a customer from Lansing will call to request our services. Some customers used the heating and AC repair service when we had a branch in lower cook county. I always try to take those jobs so I can get tacos from the shop. When a call came to the shop last week, the new guy was going to take the call. I told him that I would handle the heating & AC repair and he looked relieved. He didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to the location of the repair. I haven’t told anyone at work about the taco shop, because I don’t want to ruin my paid trip to Lansing. Right now I service an AC or furnace once a week and I get to have tacos on the boss’s dollar. I don’t have to spend my own gas money to drive all the way to Lansing from the Eastside of Chicago. If I tell other people that their tacos are great, then there won’t be as many jobs in Lansing for me. I would prefer just to keep it a secret so it will continue to be a special perk for me anytime there is a heating and AC repair in Lansing.


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After the tropical storm, the power was out for five days

Tropical storm activity happens frequently in the Tampa Bay and Clearwater area.

Storms Come From the last and they also come from the East.

Some of the most powerful storms that we have had, have come from the Gulf side of the state. Tampa Bay is right in the middle of that area and often head with storms when tropical activity occurs. Several years ago, my wife and I endured a very current tropical storm. The storm winds were only 85 mph, but the winds were right on top of us and we felt every single part of the storm. Trees were down all over the neighborhood. The whole place looked like a disaster zone. The roads were shut down for 3 days because there was no power in town. None of the lights were working. I drove all over Tampa Bay looking for a generator. The hardware stores didn’t have any generators and it was hard to find an electrician with time and the equipment. One of the contractors suggested contacting an HVAC company and Tampa Bay. They gave me the name of a commercial business and they actually had the equipment that I needed. They offered to install the generator the same day that I called. It was a little on the pricey side, but the generator will run our entire home including the heating and AC system, refrigerator, and the pool. We won’t have to worry again about the power going out and not having any AC. That problem will not affect us in the future thanks to the generator.


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